Scott A. Armstrong, MD, PhD

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, MA
USA Papers:
179 High-Density CRISPR Scan Identifies Functional Regions of DOT1L That Mediate Therapeutic Response in MLL-r Leukemia
291 Early Detection and Molecular Characterization of Therapy-Related Leukemia in Children Reveals Patterns of Disease Transformation and Guides Future Surveillance Protocols
511 The Lysine Histone Methyltransferase Setd2 Is Required for Appropriate Immunoglobulin VDJ Recombination
544 Genomic and Proteomic Profiling of AF10-Fusion Oncoproteins Reveal Mechanisms of Leukemogenesis and Actionable Targets
546 MLL-Menin Inhibition Reverses Pre-Leukemic Progenitor Self-Renewal Induced By NPM1 Mutations and Prevents AML Development
762 Genetic or Pharmacological Inhibition of the Polycomb Group Protein BMI1 Impairs Leukemic Transformation Mediated By the CALM-AF10 Fusion Oncoprotein
2839 Targeting MYC-Driven B-Cell Lymphoma By Inhibition of the Histone Methyltransferase DOT1L
3207 Identification of a First-in-Class SETD2 Inhibitor That Shows Potent and Selective Anti-Proliferative Activity in t(4;14) Multiple Myeloma: T(4;14) Multiple Myeloma Cells Are Dependent on Both H3K36 Di and Tri-Methylation
3881 IKZF2 Drives Self-Renewal and Blocks Myeloid Differentiation Programs in Myeloid Leukemic Stem Cells
Targeting Chromatin Complexes in MLL Rearranged Leukemia